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Heads Up: Hair Extensions “Growing” in Popularity

Aging not only takes a toll on our face and body, but also on our crowning glory—the hair on our head! Aside from losing more of it as we age, we may also lose the ability to grow it as long as we previously could. This can be a time of mourning for both men and women, as the signs of aging become increasingly visible, starting with the top of their head. Thankfully, there are many solutions, from hair transplants to replacements and extensions, the latter of which has long been a Hollywood secret—and how stars like Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and J. Lo can seemingly go from “short to long” overnight!

Today’s hair extensions have come a long (no pun intended) way since the old-fashioned synthetic kind that had to be sewn, glued, or braided in. Most extensions in use today come from 100% “virgin” human hair, and we mean “virgin” as in 100% untreated hair cut from brides in the Temples of India. Human hair grows approximately ¼ - ½ an inch per month. That means it could take up to five years to grow long if your hair is currently short. With hair extensions, however, you can go from very short to very long within hours!

Deb Lee is a Master Stylist at Meridian Design Group in Carmel who has extensive training in the application of Great Lengths hair extensions, which are widely considered the best 100% human hair extensions on the market today. “What I like about the Great Lengths system is not only the quality of the hair, but the application process, which doesn’t damage the client’s own hair like glued or sewn-in extensions can,” Deb says. “The Great Length extensions are bonded with a special protein that gently melds with the client’s own hair to create length and volume that looks completely natural.”

Some women who’ve had Great Lengths extensions claim their natural hair is actually in better shape after the Great Lengths extensions are removed. “I was concerned the extensions might damage my own hair, but after they were removed, I was surprised to find my own hair was actually in better condition than it was before the extensions were put in,” a client said when her extensions were removed after several months. “I had planned on getting a new set of extensions immediately, but changed my mind once I saw how healthy and longer my own hair was.”

Deb Lee schedules a free and private consultation with individuals who are interested in getting hair extensions to explain in detail what can be accomplished. Once the client decides to proceed, Deb then orders custom-colored extension strands, blended specifically to match the color preferences of the client. The total cost for extensions varies, depending on the length of hair desired, the number of extensions needed to achieve the look the client wants, and the amount of time it takes for Deb to apply them.

It’s not always about length eitherMany of Deb’s clients just want more volume because their own thin, weak or damaged hair.  Even with all the excellent professional products available to add volume to the hair, nothing compares with the real thing—100% thick, healthy human hair. Whether your desire is for length, volume, color enhancement, or simply to update your current style, Deb can transform the hair of your dreams into reality. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call 317-989-9353 or e-mail Deb at

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