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  If you'd like to be a part of the Healthy Living TV show, or if you're interested in how you can sponsor and/or advertise on any of the Healthy Living media vehicles on television, radio, print, and the Internet, please contact Cartera Media, Inc. today! Healthy Living / Cartera Media, Inc.

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NEW ISSUE: To read a past issue of the magazine, click here. With over 100,000 readers per issue, our online edition expands coverage worldwide.

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NEWS REPORTS: Watch Healthy Living TV Reports daily on NBC/WTHR or the half hour series each Wednesday at 5:30 PM on WTHR/SkyTrak. To view shows online, click here...


Healthy Living TV Show

NOW AIRING: Indianapolis Colts Coach, Tony Dungy, talks to Teresa about the most important aspect of health when it comes to football...

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My Beloved Father

IN LOVING MEMORY: William K. Nasser, M.D., beloved father of Teresa Tanoos, left this world September 2, 2005. View Teresa's loving video tribute to her Dad by clicking link below...

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